Ali Levin

About Ali

Ali Levin is an Actress, Improvisor, and Producer performing in New York City and living quietly in Brooklyn. Originally from Miami, Florida, Ali possesses a Latina flare as a non-Latina Jewish woman. You can currently see her perform weekly on Saturday nights at Reckless Theatre in NYC with her Chicago-Style Deconstruction team, SHIVA. Ali also hosts a comedic dance competition called "Dancing with Star Stuffs" at Reckless Theatre.

As an improvisor and comedian, Ali excels in the world of characters. Her comedic couseling variety show "The Sessions with Viviana Cortez" incorporates both her Theatre and Psychology degrees that she received from Florida State University.

Ali's one-woman character shows have been featured in the 2014 & 2015 SOLOCOM festivals held at The Peoples Improv Theater in NYC. Ali has produced a number of variety shows hosted by her original characters throughout NYC including: Stand Up and Sing (Annoyance NYC), Alexandra's Mitzvah (The PIT) and Circle of Elders (Reckless Theatre). 

Catch her performing monthly at the PIT with her beautiful sketch & improv team, MARTHA. She loves those cats dearly.