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Anders Fors

About Anders

Anders Fors is a Swedish improviser who has been teaching improv in over 10 different countries on 4 continents. He has held workshops and performed at several international festivals of all kinds of styles, recently in Amsterdam, Holland and Wurzburg, Germany.

He is known as one of the most prolific performers and teachers in Sweden where he has worked as the Artistic Director for the Gothenburg Improv Theatre, one of the leading improv theatres in Scandinavia, and as a teacher at the Academy of Music and Drama at the top-ranked University of Gothenburg.

He teaches and performs everything between long form, short form, comedy, drama, abstract, storytelling, genre work and musical.

He has studied improv at the IO in Chicago, the UCB and Magnet Theater in New York, Huge Theater in Minneapolis and Unexpected Productions in Seattle and has taken tons of different workshops at festivals around the globe and has of course studied at all recognized theaters in Sweden for many years.

Some of his teachers and influencers has been Randy Dixon, Patti Styles, Tara DeFransisco, Joe Bill, David Razowsky, Shawn Kinley, Jimmy Carrane, Bill Arnett and more.