Carla Nager

About Carla

Carla Nager was born and raised in Long Beach, Long Island, where everyone she grew up with is two degrees of separation from Billy Crystal. She has been performing comedy for decades doing standup at The Comic Strip, one woman shows and improv at The Peoples Improv Theater and Magnet Theater. Carla has been an invited musical guest in Ali Farahnakian’s Labor Day Show, The Neil Michaels Show and the ZoeShow and guest improviser in Megan Gray’s We Might Just Kiss, All Female Improv to name just a few, as well as being the founder of the indie team, Secret Crush. She has studied with such notable instructors as George Q. Lewis, Louis Kornfeld, Russ Armstrong, Ali Farahnakian, Scott Eckert, Justin Akin, Pat Shay and Rhea Ramey. With a degree in music ed, Carla teaches piano and secondary instruments and has been a freelance columnist and food editor. Her proudest accomplishment is her family and she apologizes every time they become fodder.