Dan Ramos

About Dan

Dan Ramos is a stand-up and sketch comedian, improviser, video editor, mediocre magician and son from Montreal, Canada. He graduated Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Arts program in 08’ with no honors. He’s performed in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, New York and Los Angeles. He wrote, produced, acted and edited a short mockumentary film called Scoopers which was screened at the VAFF (Vancouver Asian Film Festival). He had a role in ABC’s Movie of the Week The Path To 9/11 and The History Channel’s TV Mini-Series The Kennedys. In 2009, Dan created RIOT (Ramos’ Imagination On Television), a 30 minute comedy show which aired on FTV (Filipino Television) and Rogers. He was part of numerous sketch troupes in Toronto; The Midnight Revue, RIOT and Touch My Stereotype.