David Carl

About David

"David Carl is a PIT-trained improviser and proud member of the new Monday Night Team: CANNONBALL. He has also played on such house teams as BARNSTORMER, MATADOR, TIMBER, LIZA, HOLIDAY, JEAN POOL, and THE FUTURE. With SKYCOPTER, a mono-scene team, he co-produces ACT ONE every Tuesday at 8:30 PM. Additionally he writes and performs in Road to the White House, where he plays all of the candidates in the presidential debates before they happen. He and Katie Hartman created a show called David and Katie Get Re-Married that had a month-long run at The PIT in April 2015. 

He created three one-man shows at SOLOCOM (curated by Peter Michael Marino): Road to the White House100 Impressions in 30 Minutes with David Carl and Gary Busey's One-Man Hamlet As Performed by David Carl.  GB Hamlet was chosen for an extended run at FringeNYC 2014 after receiving an award for "Overall Excellence in Solo Performance". Since then he has taken this piece that he created with his director Michole Biancosino to Edinburgh Fringe 2015 at Underbelly's Cowgate with producers Peter Michael Marino and Richard Jordan Productions.  The PIT gave a very generous donation to this endeavor. They have also gone to Florida, Colorado and this summer will be a part of Shakespeare 400 at Chicago Shakespeare Theater. 

You also may have seen him in Point Break Live! (again as Busey), the Awesome 80s Prom, on Guiding LightAll My Children, doing plays with Project Y Theatre, or heard his voice on the radio, TV or the internet. He has done dozens of voice-overs from depressed refrigerators to talking Chicken McNuggets. David likes to play music, do impressions and play characters in his stand-up, and has performed them in almost every basement in the five boroughs where people pay for drinks. In 2009 he won a contest at Stand-Up NY called "Music is a Joke" as his alter-ego Frank Pfefferkorn. 

He has been coaching indie teams, 10 K teams, and house teams since 2012.

More info can be found about David at www.davidcarlonline.com and www.buseyhamlet.com

David Carl reel3 web - Computer from David Carl on Vimeo.