Dillon Geyselaers

About Dillon

Dillon Geyselaers has studied improv at The Peoples Improv Theater, Upright Citizens Brigade, and independently at The Magnet. Originally from Connecticut, he has appeared in commercials for brands including Smartwater, Optimum WiFi, KIND Snacks, Autotrader, Freescore.com, and a voiceover for the popular gaming app Clash Royale. Roles in TV & film include The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon), Primos, LLC (NYTVF), Help Yourself (NYTVF), Boys (VICE), Aphasia (Tribeca), Piranha Sharks (Cannes), and The Penny Dreadful Picture Show (Imaginarium). 

At the PIT, Dillon performs with Super Free Wednesday Night team Spies 2 Men. He has been a member of Super Free Monday & Wednesday Night since July 2014 and has performed with Thunderbuster, Lawrence, Angry Therapist, The Future, The Legend of Dillion Gunt, and Florida. Dillon also performs with sketch teams Hot Moms and Spitball and was a member of indie improv team Gilderoy. Producing/writing credits include the digital shorts Plain Oatmeal, Irresponsible Santa, Cat Purr-fume (with Molly Barrett), and Check Please!for SOLOCOM 2015. He is a graduate of Manhattanville College and attended Wooster School in Danbury, CT. 

visit dillongeyselaers.com.

Twitter: @dillon_martin
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/dillongeyselaers