Emily Johnson

About Emily

EMILY JOHNSON is a writer and performer originally from Seattle, Washington. She learned about The PIT while on an OK Cupid date in 2010 – the date didn’t work out, but her life changed when she signed up for a Storytelling class. Since then she has studied comedy (improv and sketch writing) at The PIT, Magnet, and UCB. She also clowns around as a member of Everybody Nose NYC, can improvise with puppets and bakes the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. Emily holds a J.D. from the University of Washington, and, as a former Deputy Prosecutor, is really good at improvising courtroom scenes. Before discovering comedy, Emily completed Ironman Lake Placid; now she sticks with marathon running. You can catch Emily every Monday night at 7PM with PIT House Team Rags V. ‘Nucks. She also writes and performs sketch with American Wormholes (Magnet), and improvises regularly at The PIT as Dorothy’s ex-husband Stan in Golden Girlsprov, and is a member of the Austen Family Improv Players.