Giancarlo Mariutto

About Giancarlo

Giancarlo Mariutto is a writer/actor/improviser who has been doing comedy in NYC for since 2006. He studied sketch at the PIT under the wonderful Chris Aurilio as well as improv at UCB and Magnet theaters. Giancarlo worked for Nickelodeon studios as a segment producer and served as creative consultant on several children's animated programs for PBS Kids, Disney, Nick Jr., YouTubeKids, and Cartoon Network. 

He currently writes and hosts Denied From New York, It's Saturday Night! a sketch show featuring other actors and writers rejected from SNL (Giancarlo included!). He's appeared in other wonderful PIT productions such as We Love TV and Dr. Professor. Giancarlo is the spokesperson for the Speakman shower company, which features his pathetic attempt at chest hair:

In addition to Speakman, Giancarlo has booked funny spots for ESPN, Geico, and Athena. He's been playing tennis since he was 2 and was described by one ex-girlfriend as a poor man's James Franco.

Upcoming Shows
Denied from New York Fri 2/23/18 9:00pm
Denied from New York Fri 4/13/18 9:00pm
Denied from New York Fri 6/8/18 9:00pm