Jane Kehoe

About Jane

Jane Kehoe is a writer and performer based in New York City. She produces the popular, long standing PIT show, Old School Sketch Show, every third Tuesday of the month. Jane is also on the improv team, Vivian Delano. She performs in the Unauthorized Musical parody franchise. She has performed in NY Sketch Fest '13, '14, NY Improv Fest '14, '15 and Chicago Women's Funny Fest '15.

She was the production assistant on the award-winning comedy pilot Improvising. Jane has worked as technical director for such shows as Gary Busey's One Man Hamlet, Nice T*ts and Lights - a dark comedy play by the Paper Canoe Company. She has worked at The Colbert Report as a production assistant. Jane has studied comedy at UCB, IO Chicago, The Annoyance Chicago, and The PIT.