Matthew WJ Mitchell

About Matthew WJ

Matthew WJ Mitchell has been a proud PITizen for over 2 years, and he is ecstatic to be performing every Monday night with his PIT House Team, Shark Dance, at 10 pm in the PIT Underground.


Matt hails from Naperville, IL, a Chicago suburb that makes Matt a Napervillain. Matt took one writing class at Second City before realizing he needed a big change in his life and that change was moving to NYC. Once in NYC Matt took Writer's Goals!! with Christopher Aurilio, and it was Chris who told him to try out a PIT drop-in improv class because it might help his writing. Matt had seen improv from Who's Line Is It Anyway and done a few improv games, but Matt completely fell in love with long-form improvisation and started regularly attending drop-in classes and jams offered by the PIT before finally taking improv classes while tech interning Super Free Monday's.


In addition to improv, Matt is a technician around NYC, mostly working at the PIT. Matt is an aspiring screen writer and actor; his credits include the short film he wrote, A Nice Day. Matt has also started producing his own shows at the PIT, Just A Good 'ol Fashioned Variety ShowGodProv, and his solo show Where The Hell Have You BeenWhere The Hell Have You Been had it's world premiere during SOLOCOM 2016.


Matt is a huge pro wrestling fan, and his all-time favorite wrestler is Stone Cold Steve Austin.