Meghan O'Malley

About Meghan


Meghan O'Malley is New York based actor, writer and comedian. She has a cat that wears a hoodie that has not killed her yet in her sleep. She performs and writes for The PIT's House Sketch Team, National Scandal and you can see her doing stand up weekly in Barely Making It at The Creek and the Cave. Meghan wrote and performed in her solo shows Maybelline Shadow: The Woman in Back of the Front and This Was Only Suppose to Be Through College. Her spirit animal is a raccoon.  She can be seen doing characters in The Meghan O'Malley. She also improvises in Writer's Block: An Adventure You Choose and Walkens Welcome. Meghan is a descendant of Pirate Royalty.

Upcoming Shows
National Scandal Fri 3/9/18 7:30pm
National Scandal Fri 4/13/18 7:30pm
National Scandal Fri 5/11/18 7:30pm
National Scandal Fri 6/8/18 7:30pm