Michael T.

About Michael

Michael T. Astolfi is an award-winning game designer and researcher who uses evolutionary psychology to make and study video games. He holds a B.A. in Evolutionary Psychology from Boston University, and an M.A. in The Design and Psychology of Video Games from New York University.

Michael successfully Kickstarted and co-developed BlindSide, an audio-only game for both sighted and visually impaired gamers, which was honored with the Most Innovative Award at the 10th annual Games for Change Festival in 2013, and was nominated for awards from IndieCade 2012 and the Brazilian International Game Festival 2012. He also created Kifted, a game that explores how humans' ancient evolutionary instincts are stimulated by the design of modern games, and led the design of Don't Fry the Frog!, a free-to-play iOS game. michaeltastolfi.com