Rebecca Siegel

About Rebecca

Rebecca Siegel has been passionate about improv comedy since the awkward age of 13. Taking advantage of her home of New York City, she pursued improv through her study at the Magnet Theater and the Upright Citizens Brigade during high school and college. While pursuing her degree in Film and Media Studies at Haverford College, Rebecca performed with her school’s long form improv group, The Throng, both at school, and at festivals nationwide. After college, Rebecca moved to Orlando, Florida, where she worked as an actor and improviser at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World. Her favorite roles have included a stunt performing pirate princess, a movie star mermaid, and a very gangly cartoon who's boyfriend just loves spinach. In Orlando, she was also a member of the professional ensemble of SAK Comedy Lab, Orlando's improv theater, where she performed weekly. It was through SAK, and her role as "Jo" in Lil Women' A Rap Musical, a retelling of Louisa May Alcott's classic book that she discovered a passion for freestyle and rap. Lil Women' A Rap Musical performed at the Chicago Fringe Festival and at the Orlando Fringe Festival, where it won the Daily City's honor of "Best New Musical." Rebecca is very excited to be back in her "hometown" of Manhattan, and to be a part of North Coast! She hopes to incorporate as many literature based rhymes as possible.