Taylor Ortega

About Taylor

Taylor Ortega is a writer, improviser, and comedian based in New York City. She is a University of the Arts dropout and a Montclair State graduate who writes full time at Elite Daily (mostly about celebrities, but occasionally about normals). You can find her improvising on Monday nights at the PIT with OK President, OR singing as Annelle in various runs of Steel Petunias: An Unauthorized! Musical Parody, OR eating french fries in a monthly sketch show called Sit Down Meals At McDonalds With Taylor And Emily (which she writes with Emily Mathwich). Anyone too lazy to leave the house can watch Taylor weekly on PIT TV's Who Won The Internet, or dig deep for old episodes of the Cosmopolitan series, The Cosmo Catch Up (which she hosted and co-wrote). Taylor loves pizza and parentheses (like, LOVES them).