About the class

This class will help students take the basic elements of the IMPROV YOUR LIFE™ philosophy learned in Level One and apply them toward building great scenes that engage an audience. Students will leave this level with an understanding of how to make strong initiations, establish who/what/where, heighten the funniest choices, and edit scenes. Students will learn and practice techniques for starting scenes, enhancing and enriching scenes, finding yourself when you feel lost, and creating characters that are completely unique. There will be a final graduation performance at The PIT for friends, family and others.

Prerequisite Level 1: Intro To Improv


Jake Keefe

Jake Keefe hails from a tiny little town in New Hampshire, where he spent his youth. He’s since travelled America studying improv and teaching comedy everywhere from Hawaii to New York. Jake has studied comedy at Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade, and The PIT. He received his bachelors in Acting from Syracuse University and uses it every single day. Currently you can see Jake playing Monday nights with the team “Lovers” or with his two-prov team “Jake and Morgan” Or his storytelling show with his best friend "bowlcuts and braces." Jake also wants you to know he loves dogs, so much.