About the class

This class will help students to use their knowledge of the IMPROV YOUR LIFE™ philosophy as applied to scenework to create a fully-formed improvised show. Students will focus on developing stronger relationships between characters, using walk-ons and tag-outs to enrich the funny, pacing through editing, heightening scenes, three-beat structure, and making connections between scenes. Students will leave this level understanding how to perform a standard long form structure.

Prerequisite Level 2: Introduction to Scenework


Pat Swearingen

Pat Swearingen is from Danville, Illinois. Gene Hackman and Dick Van Dyke are also from that city.  I'm just sayin'. You can catch him with his improv house team Hero Complex every Wednesday night at 8 o’clock. He also performs regularly in the show "Made-For-TV-Movie" and was in the original casts of the "Unauthorized: The Musical" versions of "Back To The Future" (Doc Brown), "The Hunger Games" (Caesar) and "Nightmare on Elm Street" (Freddy Krueger). Having studied at The PIT and UCB, Pat is lucky to be a much in demand improv coach/instructor and his favorite credit is teaching kids how to act and write plays for eleven seasons at the Williamstown Theatre Festival through an extension of the 52nd Street Project. Also, if you don't blink, you can catch him dancing at the club in the "I'm Rick James, b***h!" sketch for "Chappelles' Show".

Pat Swearingen is a powerhouse! By the end of the first act I was in love, by the end of the second I had discovered a new emotion stronger than that just to feel for him!”-OnStage

Highlights include Pat Swearingen who almost single-handedly steals the show as

hilariously over-the-top TV host Caesar.”-Bestnewyorkcomedy.com