About the class

In this class we will continue where you left off in Sketch 1, shifting the focus to the process of rewriting, working in collaboration and generating your own ideas. The class will help you develop your voice as a sketch comedy writer, also helping you to set creative goals for yourself. Each week students will be given a new assignment to present to the class for feedback/discussion. In addition, students will continually rewrite their sketches throughout the session. Students will walk away from this class with solid practice writing the kind of sketches they love to watch. Class culminates in a reading of sketches for family and friends at The PIT.

For your first class meeting please bring the following:

- Copies of a final sketch from Level 1


Allen McRae

Allen McRae is a writer/director/producer/performer based in New York .  Allen is currently the Head of Sketch Comedy at The Peoples Improv Theater where he also teaches Sketch Writing.  Allen was formerly the Head Producer and Director of Sketch Comedy and Senior Sketch Writing Instructor at ImprovBoston in Cambridge, MA. While there, Allen created the Best of Boston Sketch Festival, the annual sketch revues Comedy, America! and Flicks, he is also the co-creator and former director of the best sketch group in the world Terrible People and it's sketch comedy podcast Terrible People, Terrible Podcast.  Allen studied sketch writing, improv and directing at UCB, The PIT, ImprovBoston and Second City and holds a BA in Drama from Ithaca College.  He is also very tall and is happy to grab whatever you need off the top of any high shelves.