About the class

Embrace the chaos of collaboration! In this 4-week class, Recent Cutbacks invites students into the messy and rewarding process of collaboratively devised theater-making. We'll break down the barriers between the director, actor, and writer in order to make experimental short-form work in constantly-changing small groups. This class is ideal for artists who want to expand their creative field of vision.

The class will be taught by Kristin McCarthy Parker & Nick Abeel.


Recent Cutbacks

Recent Cutbacks takes parody seriously. We're inspired by nostalgia, irreverence, pop culture, and high theatricality. Our inventive, low-fi parodies include: Hold On To Your Butts the shot-for shot remake of the greatest epic dinosaur movie of all time, named both a "Critic's Pick" and "Top 10 Comedy Show of 2014" by Time Out New York); Fly, You Fools!, which trains its arrow on the first chapter in the most epic fantasy trilogy of all time ("A sugar rush of endearing, childish brilliance!" - Onstage); and KEVIN!!!!! featuring live projections, puppets, and a four-person choir in homage to the classic holiday comedy film about Kevin...at home...alone ("One breathless hour!" - The New York Times).