Blogologues' Presents: Work The Room - Comedy & Creativity For The Office

About the class

Interested in bringing humor and creativity to your workplace, but scared of all the improv classes filled with die-hard SNL enthusiasts? Not to worry! Allison Goldberg & Jen Jamula are the creators of the comedy shows Blogologues and How To Break Up By Text-- both running here at the PIT-- but they also teach corporate workshops around the world. Their clients include Spotify, Squarespace, Time Warner, and many more. In this 4-week class, you'll learn the foundational principles of public speaking, elements of a compelling story, rules of comedy, ideas for making out-of-the-box choices in meetings and presentations, how to improvise when thrown a curveball, and how to develop a professional persona that is work-appropriate and channels your natural enthusiasm. The course culminates in a final presentation, in which you'll present work material using principles learned in class. Instructors provide individual feedback, as well as take-aways and research after each class.

Don't forget to check with your company's Learning & Development team to see if they can cover the class for you!

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"Allison & Jen were fantastic instructors and coaches during this class. Their goals for each class were clear, and were at times even personalized based on what we as students wanted to work on. I thought I'd learn how to make a presentation more dynamic, and walked away able to confidently present myself in the corporate world." (Emily, student)

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