Make a Sketch Show with Kevin McDonald

About the class

Come to Kevin McDonald's 4 day workshop and master class - and write, rehearse, perform and create a whole sketch comedy show with Kevin, completely from scratch. On the first day, each student will bring in a one-line premise for a comedy sketch. Kevin will give notes and help you figure out how to make it into a sketch. You go home and write a sketch. On the second day, everyone reads their sketches and Kevin helps you figure out how to re-write it. Then you go home and re-write it. The third day, everyone reads their freshly re-written sketches and Kevin will pick 6 to 8 sketches for the show. The fourth day, Kevin directs a rehearsal of all the chosen sketches. Everyone in the workshop will be in a sketch and help work on all the sketches. That night, we put on a show with Kevin - who will also be performing in it. Please bring a pen and some paper, along with your premise on the first day. Kevin promises this will be a fun four days! Of  course, Kevin has lower standards of what's fun - He has fun, sitting, thinking of old "Coach" episodes. I hope you enjoyed Kevin's description of his workshop. His next workshop will be how to write descriptions for workshops

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