Writing for SNL

About the class

This class is for anyone who has EVER wanted to try their hand at sketch comedy writing but been afraid to make the leap. The class will focus on commercial parodies and two-person sketches. You will be shown what an SNL-type sketch should look like and how to take your ideas and flesh them out into sketches in a very nurturing environment.

"Spread the Word! Ali's SNL writing class is so valuable for 2 reasons: First, where else in NYC, or the planet for that matter, can you take a sketch writing class taught by someone who has actually written for the show? Just hearing what his packet consisted of and how he got his foot in the door is phenomenal. Secondly, his notes ALWAYS focus on the positive rather than the negative. Even if you bring a crappy or hastily thrown together sketch, he can usually pick out the one funny nugget, concept or idea — even just a single line or joke sometimes — and say, "that's it, that's what your sketch is about… write about that." That right there's worth the price of admission for any writer who wants to get better. And for me personally, when a TV writing opportunity came my way, he took the time after class to read over my submission, give me notes, and wish me luck. Now I'm writing jokes and getting paid for it. Kick ass." — Andrew Goldstein

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