About the show

The Road to the White House has always been a treacherous, virulent, controversial, and sometimes boring path that always ends with a bunch of losers and one winner. We as a nation decide who that winner will be most effectively during our age-old tradition of debate.

The first of many debates are in August 2015 and they will continue through the primaries into the generals until we have a new president.

David Carl and a cast of renegade players yet to be named will be presenting these debates...

before they actually happen.

That's right folks! David Carl will play ALL of the candidates (at least those invited to the debates...maybe a few more). His cohorts will play moderators, concerned citizens, and reporters, presenting the live presidential debate before it actually happens.

And we'll keep this crazy show running until we have a new president, the PIT shuts it down, or David forgets his own name. Too close to call at this point folks.

Thanks America!

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