About the show

Cult disciples Ginny and Soojeong teach you the secrets to success in acting, business, acting-business and business-business. Like what you see? Make a taxable donation to the Order of Kevid and never leave! Really! Stay! Be one of us! Not a church. 

Written and performed by SJ&GINNY (The Shame Game)
Directed by Marina Tempelsman and Nicco Aeed


Special Guest: Reformed Whores - http://www.reformedwhores.com/@reformedwhores

If Tenacious D and Dolly Parton got drunk and had a baby it would be the musical comedy duo Reformed Whores! Southern bred, but NYC based, Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame, deliver hilariously dirty country tunes with a wink and a smile. Reformed Whores have been featured on Gotham Comedy Live, IFC, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, Nerve.com, PBS, BUST Magazine, IAF.tv, Glamour Magazine, MTV's Guy Code blog, CBS's The Doctors, and the Yahoo! web show Mansome.