About the show

In this interactive, hour-long show, Blogologues co-creators Jen Jamula & Allison Goldberg strike back against text dumpers everywhere by taking a look at REAL SCREENSHOTS submitted by the audience. Join us for comedy/therapy that promises to reveal WTF happened and when you can be forgiven for breaking up by text. 

Want to submit your text breakup? Email your screenshots to info@blogologues.org

Jen Jamula & Allison Goldberg are the co-creators of Blogologues, a sketch comedy show that brings Tinder exchanges, Yelp reviews, tweets, and other text from the internet and social media to life on stage. Blogologues has been featured in Time Out New York ("Your Perfect Weekend"), CBS ("5 best things to do in NYC"), The Village Voice ("it's disgustingly well done") and more.

Facebook: facebook.com/blogologuesNYC

Twitter: @blog_ologues

Instagram: @blogologues

Website: blogologues.org