About the show

That magical time of year is upon us: Gift bags with ridiculously expensive items are being bundled, For Your Consideration ads are being pumped out by the truckload, and no one’s actually seen any of the films. That's right, it's the Academy Awards, and the best way to prepare yourself is with The Movie Idiot's Guide to the Oscars! 

How can two men reenact 50+ Oscar-nominees in under 60 minutes? They can't of course. But they WILL! Watch the Movie Idiots, Jeff and Matt, as they take you through all of the year's nominated films in a passionate sendup of the Academy Awards...and the idiots who love them.

"A hilarious send up of the offerings from this year’s Oscar nominees... Jeff Ronan and Matt Bovee prove themselves to be both skilled comedians and performers as well as lovers and experts of all things film and pop culture." -Theatre Is Easy

Created by Jeff Ronan
Performed by Matt Bovee and Jeff Ronan