About the show

Pilot Season is an initiative to launch new scripted comedy shows. Every Tuesday at 7:00, we feature two brand new sketch shows that will make the audience laugh their butts off (scientifically unproven, of course) in the PIT Underground. 

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Produced by Ronny Pascale. Like us on Facebook!

Hosted by Anne Victoria Clark!

Total High Impact Fever Rangers: Pay Per View Only Tonight! See men and women on the edge of existence, bound and gagged by their own emotions, fighting against exhaustion, starvation, and the American way. You'll try to avert your eyes, but you'll find yourself spellbound by the daring impossibilities performed before your very eyes!  Laurie Berarducci, Stephen Buckley, Donald Chang, Brian Gurien, Max Haarhaus, Jill Lawler, Colleen Vecchione, Jeff Williams.

A Fantastic Networking Opportunity: Wish you could watch a sketch comedy show, but you're too busy maximizing shareholder value? Now you can do both! "A Fantastic Networking Opportunity" synergizes cross-platform solutions while visualizing next-generation comedy metrics. Come for the jokes, stay for your fiduciary duty.

Director: Shelley Little
Writers: David Crane & Conor O'Brien
Cast: Conor O'Brien, Patrick Williams, Joe Galan, RJ Williams, Kaitlyn Meade, David Crane, Melissa Livingston, Natalie McDonald, Joel Shaughnessy, Jon Blue