About the show

“Imagine All the People: A Survey of Music Business Creeps” is a decade-by-decade journey through the history of rock 'n' roll. This solo show, written and performed by Eli James, shines a light on the creeps, freaks, jackasses and wannabes that have been steadily plopping out of pop music’s bottom since the 1950s. Award-winning music historian Sir Gordon Gledhill-Walker guides us through each sordid era of rock, attempting to find answers to pop music's longest-held mysteries, such as “WERE the Beatles more popular than Jesus?” “What is Payola and where can I get it?” and “Why did the ‘90s happen?” It’s all here when you imagine all the people!

Written and Performed by Eli James

Directed by Philip Emeott

Photo by Colleen Sturtevant

Website: http://www.eli-james.com/
Twitter: @elioeli
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eli.james.and.stuff