About the show

They’re ”really into each other” and “uncomfortably intimate”. Boarding Party is an improv trio from San Francisco (the third city) comprised of Leela alums Anton Shuster and Sean Marney, SImps alum Peter Chapman, and the ghost of their ex-member, Colin (still alive). They’ve been together for 3 years and holding each other as a pre-show warmup for 2. They’re currently in the second season of SPACE TRIP, an improvised serial sci-fi show where the captain always dies. They have performed at SF Sketchfest, and at Antelope Valley and San Diego improv festivals, in addition to their regular shows around SF (third city).

The Punctual Drunks are a New York based improv team that will be celebrating their four year anniversary during the festival!

The Drunks are Robbie Chernow, Amanda Giobbi, Jay Malsky, Kelley Quinn, and Keith Rubin