About the show

Dave Against the Janene are two improvisors with two very different styles. He likes goofy comedy. She likes real drama. He likes plot twists. She likes pregnant pauses. When they come together on stage, worlds collide in a two-person narrative Harold that weaves their different styles and eccentricities in ways that surprise even them.

After suffering through the low wages and minimal recognition of the post-modern dance world, Jamie Graham and Amy Larimer are pursuing new prosperity & fame in the lucrative world of improv comedy! Amy & Jamie started out as classically-trained professional dancers, with backgrounds in ballet, modern, & post-modern techniques. After a battery of studies in improv comedy & physical theater, from places like The Pit & The Annoyance, and in disciplines like Action Theater & clowning, they are now the Raving Jaynes -- a dynamic duo mixing dance, improv, and physical theater to tell entirely improvised stories!