About the show

Birds of Paradise is a feisty flock of improvisers who met while training at The Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles, CA over 3 years ago! Their long form sets are spun from character monologues created at the top of the show. We are thrilled to be back at The NYC Improv Fest for our third year in a row!

Birds of Paradise is Abra Moore, Maggie Slack, Adam Slapin, and Danielle Shvartsman. 

Composed of native four New Yorkers and a couple of Brits, Snapshirt is simple and reliable improv. Nothing fancy. Just pick us up off your bedroom floor, and spray us with Fabreze- we'll make you feel good and comfortable. Usually available in plaid.

Snapshirt is Brittany Halls, Tom Venito, Daniel Titmuss, Dellan Bruder, Matt Bronen, and Alexandra Sanchez.