About the show

Aquamaroon was formed under the idea that their name is in fact, an actual color, and are currently petitioning Crayola. We are a UCB trained, NYC-based indie team that specializes in the Slacker form.

Aquamaroon is Reid Andren, Matt Berk, Douglas Booth, Adrian Brinkley, Kyle Fader, and Hillary Saviello.

DOORMAN: a rowdy bunch of bubble-bursting lovers with a penchant for pain. We have yet to improvise with wild animals, but we hope to some day.

We've performed at:
The Seattle International Improv Festival
Boston Comedy Festival
The Del Close Marathon
PIT Indiefest 2016
The Market Theatre of Seattle
Warren's Summer Daze

Doorman is Joe Castle Baker, Collin Gossel, Andrew Barbato, James Rodrigues, Rosie Cardozo-Weingarten, Katherine Dudas, Brandon Zelman