About the show

Cat and Vegas and The Temple of Boom are just a snazzy musical improv duo making up soft alt/rock songs from your one-word suggestions. 
Also here is one pretentious review and one straight-forward review to further explain what we do...

(1.) "Cat & Vegas nicely juggled the difficult task of generating musically palatable interlocking vocals while weaving a psychedelic disco full of dreamsicles and swinging barbecues."

(2.) "So you two are the ones hipsters are talking about when they like things before they get cool." 


If I Could Go Back In Time will fix your past and solve the problems of your future in a new, fully improvised show produced just for The PIT's 2017 Improv Fest. Willing audience members confess what part of their life they would change if they could go back in time - performers improvise what could have happened.