About the show

See Harold Run is an improv of four women and one token man. They don't do a Harold. They do a monoscene in a car, that's fun right?

See Harold Run is Kathleen O'Mara, Kristen Gonzalez, Arianna Taxman, Roy De La Rosa and Kourtni Beebe.

Improv meets art: the Hand Me Downs team up with artist Matt Freedman to let art inspire improv and vice versa

Celebrating their fourth anniversary this year, and the Hand Me Downs are still going strong with the sketchiest improv in town. They bring their original form 'Art-prov', in which visual art inspires improv and vice versa. All drawn and played live and from scratch!

Hand Me Downs are: Scott Benjamin, Matt Freedman, Gary Rabinowitz, Aniek Ivens,  Ralf Jean-Pierre,  Ana Jimenez and Steven Miller