About the show

Sorry Not Sorry (SNS) is a long form improv troupe and house team of two fantastic bars, The Low Beat & The Parish Public House in Albany, NY. SNS has created their own long form formats such as Movie, Radio and The Kumar and dabble in the classics such as The Harold and have a penchant for narrative as well.

SNS is Adam O'Connor, Bill Geltzeiler, Jennifer Lavenhar, Laci Lee,  and Walt Batyci.


Comprised of every natural hair color, Wicked City is a UCB trained, all-female independent improv team from New York City. The more weird shit gets the more fun they have! Wicked City currently performs a fluid montage with break-out shared solo characters and group games interspersed while steadily heightening with callbacks throughout!

Wicked City is Erin Bartley, Gusta Johnson, Casey McCormick, Jessica Morgan, Elizabeth Noth, and Ann Marie Yoo.