About the show

Last minute festivals are a trend of the future. Come celebrate the voices of your favorite up and coming comedians this weekend.

Comedian Dipti Goel entertains audiences everywhere with her streetwise perspective on life - it's winners and losers.  Never one to be held back by politeness, she won't hesitate to say what others maybe thinking but in a much less lady-like way. She is a New York based comedian who has trained and performed for Comedy Cellar.  

For many, many moons, Natty Bumpercar has been getting up on stages and making jokes from all the way down south to all the way up north - sometimes veering a bit east and west as situations have demanded.

He was voted Coffee-Can Alley’s most likely to get on stage and the Winner of the 2005 Dust-Bunny Star Ball Talent Extravaganza… Natty Bumpercar is usually nonsensical, typically a tremendously fun ball of wax and undoubtedly the first comic who’s head writer is a pig… He super-duper hopes that you like sparkles.

Charlotte Otremba is an actor and writer based in NYC known for using her struggling career and midwestern parents as a springboard for her gently-mocking and performative comedic style. She has trained and performed at the Comedy Cellar. 

Chris Mann is a writer, actor and musician who began studying improv and sketch in 2007. Since then he has performed all over the east coast (and even Canada one time) with groups including Daystallion, Atomic Age, The Preservation Society and Johnny Cash Money.  Chris plays bass in the comedy rock band SKÜNK. The musical he co-wrote and appeared in “Me and My Birdie: An Ornithological Rock Opera” wrapped its run at the PIT in December 2016. Chris lives on the towering Palisades, high above the mighty Hudson River with his beloved wife, their deaf cat, and will soon have a new roommate who is his son or daughter.

The Magical Unicorns of Improv are a wonderous improv team. Betty McCall, Patrick Williams, Courtney Soliday, and others will astound.

Justin Perez is a regular in the New York City stand-up scene and has performed in clubs, theaters and bars all over the country. He recently appeared on the popular podcast, 'Guys We Fucked' 

Justin runs several shows in NYC including 'Undie Party,' 'Club Comedy' & the annual show '51 Worst Jokes' 

Personal Policy is a 10K improv team at The PIT. Personal Policy is David Crane, Katie Meade, Josh Saidlower, Melissa Livingston, Zach Rothman-Hicks, Anne Schroeder, Mark Dudzinski and Scott Benjamin. 

Thank You For Your Cervix: We are Dani Letsche, Case Watson, and Alison Wien, three queefy ladies with a background in theatre, improv, and self deprecation. Guess how many of us have daddy issues! Directed by Paul "Daddy" Valenti.