About the show

Join THE BOX SHOW for our next episode! In honor of Tax Day -- and the Tax Day protests -- we are exploring the topic TAXED. We'll look at the ways in which women are taxed, the world of women at work and how we're worked over, how being a woman is taxing, "paying your way," debt, how you "earn it," the pink tax, the pay gap, and much more. Hosted by Kaitlin Fontana.

This episode's panel will feature special guests:

  • Eman El Husseini - Fresh off opening for Patton Oswalt
  • Chanel Ali - Regular on Keith and The Girl Podcast & Night Train with Wyatt Cenac
  • Sarah York - Co-host of the How to Adult Podcast, The Box staff writer & bartender at Lilia

We'll be discussing the real, actual amounts of money we make as women working in this man's, man's, man's world.

The Box is an intersectional feminist comedy, panel, and interview show in its second season at The PIT. We take on issues and themes in the world of women and break them down into bite sized morsels. This is better, funnier, more real talk TV for women.

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