About the show

FUNNY PEOPLE is a show that attempts to answer the age-old question: "Can comedians act?"

4 casts of comedians (stand-ups, improvisors, comedy writers, clowns, etc.) each perform a scene from a published play of their choice. 

This show will feature: 

Tim Lofing and Nick Tonery. Directed by Jimmy T. Martin

Katie Barbaro and Brooke Turner. Directed by Jennifer Zahlit

Jeanell Allen, Zahir Abdullah, AJ Dunk, Elliott Kelly, Devon Courtney Knight, Mariel Grunion, X Mayo and Michael Poole. Directed by Shawtane Bowen

with Stand Up and Storytelling by Jordan Temple and Karolena Theresa. 

Are you a comedian with a scene that you want to act in or direct? Contact us at FunnyPeopleCanAct@Gmail.com for details and future dates. 

Produced by Ralf Jean-Pierre, Rich Templeton and Michelle Francesca Thomas