About the show

Pilot Season is an initiative to launch new scripted comedy shows. Every Tuesday at 7:00, we feature two brand new sketch shows that will make the audience laugh their butts off (scientifically unproven, of course) in the PIT Underground. 

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Produced by Ronny Pascale. Like us on Facebook!

Hosted by Shelby Slauer! Shelby Slauer is a golden retriever living in NYC. She enjoys getting walked in the park and getting to sit on the couch if she's good. Shelby has contributed writing to Reductress and Funny or Die, and currently co-hosts a monthly standup show called "2 Dumbs" at Muchmore's. She is basically Air Bud, before he was a basketball superstar and when he was just a clown's assistant. Follow her on twitter at @shelbyslauer.

Moshpick is a New York-based sketch comedy duo made up of Kou Moshtael and Jeremy Pick. They met at NYU five years ago, and upload new sketches to their YouTube channel every two weeks. Their parents love them, so you should too. Moshpick is Kou Moshtael, Jeremy Pick, Jean-Luc McMurtry, Edgar Nevarez

Sketchy is a trip down a cavernous rabbit hole. Sketchy is a sketch show written by work studies of The PIT and friends. Written by Emily Austin, Suzanna Ramos, Kevin Percival, Kayla Mason, Clinton Jones, Christina Cataldo, Ryan Barto, Suzanna Ramos, Emily Austin, Logan Rose Nelms, and Alison Myers.