About the show

Mindy Raf's critically acclaimed solo show Keeping My Kidneys weaves a fresh, tightly constructed, narrative around modern love and relationships.  Raf's first collaboration with director Tara Elliot ('Shugs & Fat', Burq Off).

The 60 min show debuted in November in NYC for a 5 night run at the Loft the night after the election. An all-female production, Kidneys was meant to run the celebratory week we elected our first female president. Though the climate was not ideal, it went on to play to packed houses and the show is now running monthly as well as headlining events in NYC and Brooklyn.

With glowing reviews out in Theatre Is Easy, Effort Lez, GO Mag, and highlighted as an "LGBT Best Bet" and one of "20 Stellar Things To Do"  by Time Out New York, Kidneys covers a range of subjects like identity, sex, anxiety, parent loss, coming out, polyamory, and bi/pan visibility in queer culture. As the romantic comedy is dismantled, Raf's kooky world brings “humor and—most importantly —normality to parts of the human psychology and emotional life that are far too often romanticized.” (Theatre Is Easy).

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Keeping My Kidneys from Mindy Raf on Vimeo.