About the show

Come to a night of brand new sketch comedy performed live on a Saturday and not a Tuesday. Adam's Summer Class. Come for the laughs. Stay for the lessons.

Adam's Summer Class is:

  • Anna Grace Carter
  • Mike Levin
  • Courtney Curtis
  • Tyler Payne
  • Kendra Augustin
  • Ben Pernick
  • Greggory Daniels

Directed by Chris Aurilio

Featuring a Preview of Channel 2 by SketchTV, written by Charlie Shulman, including a sketch by Sarah Hewitt. Starring Marcy Agreen, Ed Cara, Sarah Hewitt, Kayla Mason, Matt Pasini, and Charlie Shulman.

More Dates
Adam's Summer Class Thu 2/22/18 7:00pm   Striker on E 24th