About the show

Lard Dog & The Band of Shy burst onto the New York entertainment scene in 2015 with an off-Broadway theatre run called, "Life's A Real Dream". With their quirky lyrics and infectious tunes the band has drawn comparisons to Devo, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Pee Wee Herman, and the B52's. Lard Dog has longstanding roots in New York, performing everywhere from CBGB's Gallery and Fez Under Time Café to Joe's Pub and Symphony Space. In 2017 the band landed the #1 chart-topping song on Sirius XM with their single, "I Like” and will be heading to Chicago this August to perform at the world famous Lollapalooza music festival.   

Life's A Real Dream is an all-ages musical extravaganza that promotes positive messages of creativity, acceptance, and frivolity - with massive amounts of absurdism thrown in. Lard Dog and his 6-piece Band of Shy invite you to their unique audio-visual universe, complete with catchy songs, multi-media graphics, and interactive props - including a pretzel toss. Come play along and slurp the noodle of life—for Life's A Real Dream!

Three frequently asked questions about this act: 1) Who is Lard Dog? He's the alter ego (who hails from Planet Belopio) of multi-media artist Steven Erdman (who hails from New York City and upstate New York). 2) What's "LARD" stand for? It's an acronym for Life's A Real Dream. 3) What's "DOG" have to do with it? Absolutely nothing!

Parental Note: Kids under 5yo may be sensitive to lighting and sound elements.  Run time is 65 minutes with no intermission.  

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