About the show

Teen Radio: The First Day of Summer

It's the first day of summer and Will Smith needs a new pair of sneakers because he's going to the basketball courts later and needs to impress ladies who are impressed by that kind of thing. Since you already heard all about that when he sang to you, come see some sketches about all the other great parts of summer, from movies, music, barbecues and surfing in the Rockaways.

With Standup by Brian Bahel

Written by Teen Radio

  • Chelsea Coates
  • JM Coov
  • Jonathan Doyle
  • Mike Latshaw
  • Sam Weiss



  • Andrei Alupului
  • Emily Bold
  • JM Coov
  • Danielle DiPaolo
  • David Andrew Morton
  • Erin Richardson
  • Sam Weiss

Directed by Jonathan Doyle

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