About the show

Every Monday night, check out our A+++ house team improvisers hammer out their brand of long-form improvisation! Come see this show, because what happens tonight will never, ever happen again!  Holy house teams, Batman!  It's SUPER FREE MONDAY!

POOR MELISSA includes Anthony Jackson, Dana Shulman, Ben Johnson, Mickey Hawtrey, Adrian Sexton, Emily Mathwich, and Amanda Stafford. Find them on Facebook at PoorMelissaImprov.

REGINA features Brian Hendricks, Kathleen Armenti, Jeffrey Mondoro, Raina Trider, Liberty Zambrano, Kirsten O’Brien, Christy Harrison,Jason Specland, and Brian Hansbury.

More Dates
Poor Melissa and Regina Mon 6/26/17 8:00pm   Underground On E 24th Tickets available at the door.