About the show

Michelle Drozdick: Try It, You'll Like It: is a millennial, an improviser, and a standup/character comedian, just like the rest of you. She's afraid of pigeons, still doesn't know how to snap her fingers or shuffle a deck of cards, and wants to be (and possibly marry) Lauren Graham when she grows up. She performs regularly with her team Ralph's Epiphany and will be performing her solo improvised show "The Gimmick and You" at the PIT starting June 23rd. You can find her on Twitter as @mkdroz and on Facebook as herself."

Kelli Dunham: Unlike most urban dwelling queer foodies Kelli Dunham does NOT like brussel sprouts. For really good, not messed up or weird reasons.

Kelli does like the 1966 version of the World Book Encyclopedia Childcraft series that traveled everywhere with Kelli's stoic Germanic midwestern farm family.  It was how Kelli learned everything.  Including how to deal with being a boi girl  living in a very small town, and flunking out of White Gloves and Party Manners.  

And also brussel sprouts.

When --against her own better judgment, the advice of two of out of three leading therapists and her room-mates in their small Brooklyn appointment-- she bought the entire series online and began re-reading what counted as information in the early 70s, things got a little uncomfortable. Come find out why.