About the show

T.Leclaire is a comedian, actor and writer from a reservation you haven't heard of - and that's ok! He's performed at UCB, The Pit and many 11pm mics around the city. His writing and comedic style highlights the perils of being a double minority, gay outcast and his general obsession with fonts. Check out www.tleclaire.com for more. 

Power To The Mullet!: Lady loving, nacho eating, barely lucid Molly "Equality" Dykeman is back with a new solo-show. Tackling issues like the big orange Cheeto head, pretentious New Yorkers and their $14.00 organic smoothies, and the art of vomiting in public, Molly weaves her stories and poetry into a jumbled mess that will leave you thinking WTF? Come see if Molly can make it through the show and find a lady to go home with. 

Michael Musto says "Molly Dykeman is much funnier--and butcher--than Larry the Cable Guy…She's a scream! Molly for Lez-ident!” 

“In the words of Molly: “God maketh you the way he fuckin’ wants to maketh you,” so prepare for a heaping serving of love and female empowerment.” Theatre Is Easy

“You had me at shant. You just had me at shant...Your comedy is brilliant.” - Leslie Jordan, Emmy Award Winner for Will & Grace

“Mark my words, get in on this action now, before she's playing the Garden.”  - Velvet Park Media