About the show

Ten Bones Theatre Company returns to The P.I.T.

The rules remain the same:

  1. The show is cast blindly and in front of the audience 
  2. Actors must incorporate lines written by the audience 
  3. Actors must incorporate any sound effect played by the tech booth 
  4. One audience member is given a horn they may honk three times. Once honked, the performers must create a scene that makes perfect sense given where they are in the story but makes no sense being in the story of chosen.

Performers: Willy Appleman, Ryan Chittaphong, Tom Costello, Alyx Darensbourg, Ben Furnas, Molly Gaebe, Claire Gresham, Pete McElligott, Clare McNulty, Andy Schneeflock and Scott Thomas.

More Dates
Entirely From Memory Sat 3/24/18 8:00pm   Striker on E 24th
Entirely From Memory Sat 5/12/18 8:00pm   Striker on E 24th