About the show

JUST GRAVY is the topping to your mashed potatoes and dry meat. That saucy bit of extra improv you know you've been craving. At A Homecooked Comedy Mashup & Other Delicious Side Dishes we kick off with the unique Chapters form, where an audience suggestion leads to three lively storylines. As we go "down the rabbit hole," the show gets perpetually wackier and wackier until world-building ingredients spiral into a delicious stew of hilarity. What results is zany, unpredictable and JUST GRAVY.

Additionally, expect to see a rotating cast of fresh New York comedy talent - from other indie improv teams to stand-up and musical acts. 

ABOUT JUST GRAVY: JUST GRAVY is a homegrown team who became friends after taking a number of improv classes together. They have performed in the NYC ImprovFest, as well as numerous other indie shows and jams at both The People's Improv Theater and Reckless Theatre. Past performances have included nihilist Pac Man ghosts, terrorist Smurfs, and an inspiring trip to The Whoopi Goldberg Tribute Museum.