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Co-hosts David Ryan Polgar (tech ethicist) and Joe Leonardo (comedian) are joined by experts to help unpack our absurd present and uncertain future in this podcast. Whether it's selfies, self-driving cars, or post-death communication, we'll laugh all the way to our eventual replacement by robots. 

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Laurie Segall (Senior technology correspondent for CNN and editor-at-large for CNN Tech, host of CNNgo's Mostly Human with Laurie Segall) @LaurieSegallCNN

John C. Havens (Author of Heartifcial Intelligence: Embracing Our Humanity to Maximize Machines, executive director of IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems)

Georgia Frances King (Ideas editor at Quartz, assistant editor of Australia's Frankie Magazine, editor of Kinfolk Magazine, lifestyle journalist)


Some people are the future of comedy. These guys are the futurist comedy.

David Ryan Polgar is a frequent speaker (3-time TEDx, The School of the New York Times), tech commentator (SiriusXM, CNN.com, Inc.com, HuffPost), and contributing writer for Big Think and Quartz. He is currently focused on whether we are becoming "botified" online, along with the ethical concerns facing emerging tech. Polgar co-founded the global Digital Citizenship Summit and currently works with the virtual world startup Friendbase.

Joe Leonardo is a comedian, improviser and writer who has been featured on ESPN, Travel Channel, NPR, Anderson Cooper LIVE, Cafe, and Prank Academy to name a few. He is currently a house team performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York and co-host of their WednesdayNight Improv Jam. Joe is also the creator/host of The Flying Blind Sketch Show, which plays bi-monthly at The People's Improv Theater and is one of the founders of Sea Tea Improv.

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