About the show

Murderfist is coming back for one big fat stinky sketch show, because the Devil herself paid us to do another show.  How could Murderfist say no?  Lets face it if the Devil never created Murderfist to save comedy from the grasps of political correctness, happiness, and the worst of all cuteness the comedy community would still be worshiping Bill Cosby, and other horrible people that refuse to curse in their jokes.   

Murderfist is a dive into your depths of your deepest mind ocean, where you rediscover what its like to not give a Goddamn again, because lets face it thats exactly what the world needs in this moment.  A little Murderfist in your night.  

We got some friends joining us, so you better call yo Mama because she ain't gonna wanna miss dis shit.

Kevin Barnett (Broad City & Carmichael Show) will be joining us so bring yo poopoo pants.  It's gonna get messy.

2009 Best Sketch-Comedy Group, ECNY Awards

"From sketches about incest to killing one's parents, no boundary goes uncrossed." -- 2010 Best Sketch-Comedy Group, The Village Voice

"Above all, what Murderfist wants is an audience both exhausted from laughing and feeling as if they've been to a highly experiential rock concert. It's a rare and energetic notion for comedy, and it's possible their verve could land them a television show or an opening slot with GWAR." -- Matthew Love, The Village Voice

"Wild and aggressive but not confrontational, Murderfist is about as punk as sketch comedy gets. Raw, committed performances and loopy jokes undermine theatrical unity every time, but the mess this crew makes is well worth any necessary cleanup." -- TimeOut New York