About the show

Seafood Mayhem

Haven't SEAn Seafood Mayhem yet? WATER you WADING for!

Hoist up the comedy mizzenmast and get yourself a butter bib, cuz our freshly-steamed sketch silliness will have you begging for seconds! 

Nameless Numberhead

What is our obsession with voyeurism of the mundane? Sketch comedy duo Nameless Numberhead attempts to shed some light on our bizarre quirks and idiosyncrasies in their debut self-titled show. The duo runs their own sound and lights from the stage using footswitches, looping pedals, and sound effects to create a post-apocalyptic vaudeville vibe. This show is guaranteed to make you live a longer, healthier life. 



It's that time of the year again! The Peoples Improv Theater is turning 15, and the NYC Sketch Fest is back to grow a wispy mustache and help celebrate!

The Peoples Improv Theater is proud to present the sixth annual NYC Sketch Fest, and we are ready to get the party started celebrating 15 years of comedy at The PIT and 6 years of bringing the best sketch comedy from around the country together in one place.  Past years have seen some of the best, most hysterical and most innovative sketch teams in the nation under one roof and this year promises to be even bigger!  So start stretching, put out two bowls of food for the cat and get ready for four days of sketch madness at the 2017 NYC Sketch Fest!